How many users can the system support and what are the hardware requirements?
Our system servers effectively use the computer memory and central processor resources. On an entry level server with a processor like Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz 1Gb RAM the system will be able to support 10 000 concurrent unencrypted connections or 3000 SSL encrypted connections. Also the system can be up-scaled to several computers which will proportionally increase its performance.

Can I purchase the source code?
Yes, the source code can be purchased under special license terms.

What are the system requirements?
The servers can be deployed at Linux with 2.4+ kernel version or Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista. The system requires MySQL 4.1 and higher. For additional functionality, a web server is required with PHP support (e.g. Apache Web Server). The client software can run on Window 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. Screen resolution should be 800 * 600 or greater.

How is security provided?
Any sensitive information is located at the servers and is not exposed to the Net. It is protected on the server level to eliminate potential threats. Client connections are SSL-encrypted.  Random Number Generator (RNG) in the system is based on system provided high security crypto functions and random hardware data. With already available protected sequence of random numbers, we additionally employ an original algorithm, to generate a random number based on several random numbers of initial order.

Tell me more about Random Number Generator
To generate random numbers we use the Mersenne Twister pseudo-random numbers algorithm.  Truly random data is used as a initialization vector. Random data initialization is done periodically which exclude any result prediction.

Are tournaments available?
Yes, the system supports various tournament types. With a scheduled start or predetermined number of players (Sit-and-Go). A tournament can be held on one or several tables. If a player is off from a multi-table tournament the system balances the players. A table with fewer players is paused to distribute the players through the remaining tables.

Can I play poker from a browser?
Yes, our system has a version made in Macromedia Flash that allows playing poker in a browser. If I need to introduce some specific rules or options what should I do? Through the lifecycle of our system, we implemented a variety of different poker rules as well as introduced many unique features. It is highly probable that all you need to do is to change settings at the server. However if still there is a need for anything like that we will be able to implement your request at additional cost.

Can I integrate poker to any existing web site of my own?
Yes, there is an option to do so. A more complete integration is supported to web sites written in PHP and ASP.Net. There are special integration modules providing access to the serverPI. All that have to be done are called the provided functions with required parameters from the site script. However if it is only required to read the system data then the database of the poker system can be accessed directly.

Do you provide installation and deployment services?
Yes, we help our clients to setup and deploy the game and also provide further support of it. We can also perform any required maintenance works at the servers. All you have to do is to purchase a dedicated server and provide us a "root" access to it.

Can I integrate my own graphics?
Yes, the design of your client application is fully customizable. To apply a new design you should go through a few steps:
create a design mockup and coordinate it with the scope of our application create a full set of elements required for the application cut up the graphics in the required format tie the created graphics in the settings file.  The mockup, design and cut ups can be done by you or using our force.

Does it support automated client updates?
Yes, our Poker client can check for updated files at each launch and automatically perfom updates if necessary.

Does the system support avatars?
Yes, AWMG Poker supports user custom avatars upload.  The user first is offered to have a default site avatar though.  To protect the users from obscenities, all uploaded avatars should has to be approved by system administrator.

Can I set up recurring tournaments?
Yes, recurring tournaments can be set up from the manager program and have admin definable parameters.

Is AWMG Poker completely customizable?
Yes, AWMG Poker is completely customizable. The system can be customizable in any aspect, e.g. full modification of UI, adding new rules, adding new games.

What language is the Poker source code written?
The code of backend is written in C++, the frontend is written in C++ as well and we also have Flash implementation.

Can you integrate AWMG Poker with payment systems? 


Are we able to host the poker game ourselves? 


Should I buy several licenses if I would like to use the software on my several websites?
You buy one license for one poker server installation. You can use three different skins and locales for your poker client app and this way the sites will have common players since the game will be located on a single server. Or you can buy three different licenses if you wish your audience to be separated.

Are there any limits on the number of tables a single account can play?
No, there are no limits