Atlantic West Management Group, Inc.

Atlantic West Management Group, Inc. ("AWMG") is an 14 year old Software Developer that has been involved with Internet Gaming Software Products since the inception of this exciting industry.
AWMG is pleased to offer a wide variety of Virtual Multi-Player, On-line Tournament Play and Ring Poker Games in a fully customized format to Charities, Private Organizations and Poker Room Operators world wide.
If you are currently operating a Poker Room or Poker Parlor, whether it is a single location operation or part of a larger organization such as a Land Based Casino, our new products are the ideal way for you to get involved with Internet Poker, while maintaining complete compliance with the law.
If you currently have a Web Site we can integrate our "Play for Fun" or "Play for Real" with your current site.  Any of our Packages can be customized to suit your particular needs and requirements. If you do not have a Web Site we can create a site specifically for your operation.  In addition to being a software developer, we are a Full Service ISP with the ability to register your URL, create and maintain your site and even customize the actual Poker Game itself.
In addition, AWMG provides full technical support and assists with the training of your personnel in both site operation and player technical support.

It is estimated that Internet Poker represents a Multi-Billion Dollar Market that is currently less than 10% saturated.

Our "Play for Fun" module is completely legal in all 50 States and can be used for promotional purposes.

Our "Membership Only Play for Real" game is currently completely legal in 32 States and 16 Foreign Jurisdictions.


Atlantic West Offers a full line of Mobile APPS for All Mobile Platforms and compatibility with all Social Media Platforms.  
AWMG Packages also include an Administrative Module, enabling the Poker Room Manager (Site Administrator) complete control of all of the games, as well as back-end access for managing and tracking players.

On-line gaming sites using our software
American School of Poker

American School of Poker is a new Tournament Multi-Player Poker website which will offer Completely FREE mode only.

Join Our

Join Our

Join Our Games is an exciting new Social Media Game Site that is an Entertainment Only site that also offers Sponsored Tournaments with prizes, but is free to all players.

American School of Poker

Reserve A Poker

Reserve a Poker Table is an exciting new site that offers anyone to reserve and rent a poker table for up to 10 players and although this site is a "Play For Fun Only Site", the site does send a printable game report to all players at the end of each game session.

Play At Our Club

Play At Our Club

Tournament Poker - Win Cash - Win Prizes - Play to Learn
Free 45 Day Trial Membership

Atlantic West Bingo

Atlantic West Bingo

Atlantic West Bingo is a Play For Fun Only Promotional Web Based
Bingo Game


Poker Action Line

Poker Action Line is a companion publication to a weekly radio show with the same name, and serves as a forum for poker enthusiasts.

Special Report for Poker Room Managers
Special Application for Charities
Place Your Chips Lottery Game
Join Our Games .com